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    WifiLib: what is it?

    • WifiLib, qu’est-ce que c’est ?

      WifiLib is all about FREEDOM!

      • Freedom to enjoy high-speed Internet access for… FREE
      • Freedom to browse on your tablet and laptop wherever you want when you’re not at home
      • Freedom to use WiFi in the street without having to keep on logging in
      • Freedom to browse when you’re on the move and enjoy new mobile experiences
      • Freedom without paying for it.
    • WifiLib: how does it work?

      WifiLib is a project involving the deployment of WiFi infrastructure, enabling people to enjoy FREE high-speed Internet access throughout the city on a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. The infrastructure is in the process of being deployed with the focus on the city centre for the moment. This involves installing WiFi access points on buildings/facilities in order to provide access to the WifiLib network. These access points are connected to the ground by fibre optic to provide high-speed access

      Our teams are currently deciding where to install the access points, but we will be encouraging the 2.0 development of the network by asking the people to:

      • Tell us the areas they’d like to be covered by the network
      • And also enable people to use the Wifilib network at home

    Getting connected to WifiLib

    • How do you get connected to the network?

      An access portal enables you to get connected to the WifiLib network. Users have to register in order to be able to access the Internet.

      Get connected in five easy steps:
      1. Identify WifiLib on your phone (check the available networks shown on your device when you look for WiFi networks). WifiLib’s name is “_WifiLib Haut debit Gratuit”
      2. Once you’ve chosen the network, a Home Page will appear with a message asking to you to test the WifiLib network straight away. Click on “Register”
      3. A registration page opens. Fill it in with your details. Confirming your registration will automatically result in a confirmation address being sent to the email address indicated in the registration form.
      4. Once you have confirmed, you have signed up for WifiLib.
      5. When you’re in a coverage area, WifiLib will authenticate your device and automatically connect you to the network. You’ll then be able to start browsing when you’re out and about. Free of charge!

      You only need to register once, so there’s no need to reconnect whenever you’re in a covered area.

    • You’ve identified the WifiLib network but you can’t get get connected

      Contact the Help Desk in order to solve the problem (0970806951)

    • You haven’t received the email confirming your registration with WifiLib

      Ensure you’ve filled in all the fields on the registration form.

      IMPORTANT: please indicate a valid email address. We’ll be sending an email to the address you give us in order to confirm your registration with WifiLib. Don’t forget to check your spam folder.

      After receiving the email, just confirm your registration and you will be officially registered and ready to experience FREE high-speed WiFi when you’re out and about.

      If, in spite of carrying out checking these checks, you still can’t find your confirmation email, please call the WifiLib Help Desk on 0970806951 or send an email to contact@wifilib.com.

    WifiLib network coverage

    • You can’t get connected to WifiLib

      Please follow these steps:
      Ensure you are actually in an area covered by WifiLib.
      There are two ways of checking:

      1. If the name of the WifiLib network is shown as a WiFi network in your device (under the name “WifiLib haut debit gratuit”)
      2. Check the WifiLib network coverage map on WifiLib.com

      However, you can register on WifiLib.com at any time. Once you’ve registered, we’ll authenticate your device in the WifiLib coverage area.

    • You can’t access WifiLib at home

      It’s quite natural! WifiLib is designed for mobile Internet access in other words essentially outside homes. If you live in an area covered by WifiLib, you may be receiving a weak WiFi signal at home but it’s not strong enough to work inside and that’s perfectly natural. However, we’re working on a solution to enable you to benefit from the WifiLib network in your home. We suggest you check our updates about WifiLib on social media or on our website. We’ll make sure you’re kept up to date about the progress of the project.

    • When are you going to deploy the network in the area where I live?

      We suggest you visit our website, WifiLib.com. You’ll soon be able to see a map showing the areas covered by the WifiLib network. This coverage map shows the areas already covered as well as those due to be covered in the near future.

      Would you like the area where you live to be covered by the WifiLib network? Let us know by sending an email to contact@WifiLib.com or by indicating it directly on the coverage map you can find on our wifiLib.com site.

    • Are you planning to deploy WifiLib in other cities? If so, which ones?

      WifiLib intends to deploy its network across France. We cannot name the next cities yet, but we are currently working on extending the network to other French cities. You can follow developments on Facebook, Twitter or on WifiLib.com. Don’t worry - we’ll let you know about the new places where users can get connected to our network!

    The WifiLib offering

    • Would you like to add more devices?

      As a WifiLib user, you can authenticate up to two different devices (e.g. your smartphone and tablet). If you want to do this, just go to the WifiLib coverage area with your new device. Log in on this new device using your email address and password. WifiLib will then automatically authenticate this new device.

      Please note: whenever you add a new device above the two-device threshold the first device identified will be disabled and you’ll need to connect again.

    • You talk about high speed but what is the actual speed?

      The speed of the WifiLib network depends on several factors such as the type of hotspot connection (radio or ground) and the number of users connected to the hotspot at the same time. However, the expected speeds are much faster than 3G or 4G. So, try the WifiLib experience to see for yourself!

    • It’s free today but how long will that last?

      WifiLib is free for 30 minutes sessions for its users and we will continue a free offer. We also offer pay per session offers of 24 hours, 1 month or 1 year.

      You can follow developments on social media and our website at WifiLib.com. We’ll keep you up to speed about WifiLib.com news and our new services.

    • Is there a risk from the waves?

      It’s a good question and many people wonder about this. But we can reassure you on this point straight away. According to research conducted into electromagnetic radiation, the waves given off by WiFi are 200 times lower than the radiation waves emitted by a wireless landline, a home modem or microwave. What’s more, each modem currently deployed emits an authorised WiFi signal.
      And yet have all the modems and microwaves been taken away from French homes?

    Getting in contact with WifiLib

    • How do you contact the WifiLib customer service department?

      To ensure your WifiLib experience is as enjoyable as possible, you can contact us in two ways:

      1. Email address: contact@WifiLib.com
        • a. To let us know what you think about your WifiLib experience
        • b. To ask us questions (non-technical)
        • c. To tell us where you’d like new hotpoints located
      2. Help Desk number: 0970806951 (Cost of a local call)
        • a. For any problems getting connected to the WifiLib network